Dear listeners, Croats of New York City, dear friends. On behalf of the Board of Directions of the newly established Croatian Radio, it is a special honor to greet you this way and to tell you these few words. Our radio shows will be devoted primarily to spreading the Croatian word, culture and making short news and commentary, useful news for local New York City and surrounding locations, short stories of our friends and contributors, reproduction of Croatian folk music and Croatian popular songs. Our Croatian Radio Clock will also provide short stories and comments in English to our American friends about Croatia's problems. We will try to provide every Saturday special atmosphere with our show in the spirit and the tradition of our beautiful Croatian language. Also, we will give you regular comments and evaluations of our artistic development both in Croatia and among Croatians outside the Homeland. The importance of our radio shows is big. Today in the area of New York and its surroundings live on thousands of Croats and are believed to have them over 35,000. Although there is a large number of those who have left Croatia in recent years, a large number of those who have moved to this country much earlier, especially the last quarter of a century.

Often, it is felt that the differences between generations of newborn Croatians and the elderly are significant, mainly because there was no living word and communication among them. We link this link today through this Croatian radio program. We want this way to create a new bridge that will connect all Croats of New York City and its wider environments, no matter when they came to this new homeland, no matter what their views and opinions they are having. All Croatians have one in common: our Croatian language and our homeland Croatia.All Croatians abroad have one thing in common, and that is that we have found ourselves in the foreign country because political opportunities in Croatia have not been or are now such that our lives and happiness can’t be built in the way we want it and on what we have right. Therefore, brothers Croats, help our Croatian Radio Clock. Listen to our shows, stay in touch with us and use this radio program for your potential needs. Our address is: Croatian Radio Clock, 552 W 50 St., New York City.