IVICA GASPARIC - Vice President of Croatian Radio Club NY

Ivica Gasparic (1).jpg

 I was born in Podravina, town of Picoka, Durdevac in 1956. With my wife Ljiljana, and my children Ariana and Ivica, I am emigrating to New York, in 1987, where I live today. As a musician and a music lover and all that is related to culture I actively join and volunteer in all the cultural events of our Croatian community in New York. In the preparation of the Croatian Children's Festival in which I built part of myself, in 1999 I started my work in broadcasting the Croatian Radio-Clock, in which I participating for 20 years. Performing all the activities, as a member of the Board of Directions of the radio club, as well as technical editor, music editor, and for the last few years and editor of the show. I've always believed in myself and what I'm doing, so I believe that our Croatian Radio program, though behind it for 50 years, will serve for a long time to pride and honor its beloved listeners, both in New York and its surroundings, and in the world as long as the Voice of Free Croatia reaches.