Boris Miketic

He has been speaker of Croatian Radio "Voice of the Free Croatia" for more than twenty years and  for him is a great honor to perform this extraordinarily valuable function. He inherited the legend of Croatian Radio Krunoslav Masina, who has remained in memory for us as an endless fighter for all that is Croatian.

Boris says: "After the recognition of the Republic of Croatia as an independent State, the role of our Radio has gained even more importance in promoting Croatian language, Croatian cultural heritage and sports and all that binds us to our Homeland. I look forward to broadcasting the Croatian Radio over the internet, which we work tirelessly and which will surely live in the near future.


Petra Peša is also speaker of Croatian Radio "The Voice of Free Croatia" for more than five years. After long years of career in Croatia, where she was also involved in the relationship with the public and media, she continued to pursue her love for media as working here in New York on Croatian Radio, so she continues to stay in touch with our Homeland and through her shows she tries to convey that love to listeners Croatian Radio NY.


Sandra Misic has been speaker of Croatian Radio "The Voice of Free Croatia" for four years.

She came to America in 2000, where she works as a professor. As she says, run the show for the Croatian Radio for her is a special experience that makes her immense pleasure in this work and the honor that she can be part of Croatian Radio and thus be associated with the Homeland, the customs and the culture we keep but also slowly transfer to the younger generation.


Silvia replaced her native island of Krk for New York in 2015. On Radio, she participates in leading and editing the Saturday show  since November 2017.

She says: "It is a great honor and great pleasure to be one of the "voices "of the Radio in New York, a media that brings about 50 years, news and interesting stories from the social, political, cultural, sports and entertainment life of our Homeland. To embellish you on a Saturday morning with music and some interesting story, is my greatest motivation and awards. I am grateful to everyone for their support and praise.”


Ana is the youngest reinforcement of Croatian Radio NY. She came to New York in 2017, where she is actively involved in the Croatian community so that she is still related to Croatian roots. In the community she met many dear friends through which she found out  about Croatian Radio and decided to lead and edit the "Voice of Free Croatia" shows. It is also her pleasure to share a part of Croatian culture and heritage with listeners in New York, and in the future she is hoping that there will be more and more young people who will be equally interested in everything that our Homeland offers and provides.