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I was born in 1949 in flat Slavonia, Vrbanji village, where I finished the elementary school, and then went on to further education where I choose a profession of electrician at school Nikola Tesla in Zagreb.

I arrived in New York on April 11, 1970 to my fellows Rajko and Franjo Maric. That year in The Croatian Church, which was then at 50th Street in New York, I meet many friends including my current wife Iva, born Majstorovic.

At the beginning of 1971, I met the founders and volunteers  of the Croatian Radio Club John Pintar, Miro Gal, Vinko Kuzina, Krunoslav Masina, Julio Segaric, Franjo Ljoljic, Ante Lozin and other associates of the Croatian Radio Club and here begins my active work and cooperation as a technical editor at Mr. John Pintar in his family home in Brooklyn and in Ante Nosic house in the Bronx, where I continued work as a technical editor and speaker as needed.