Boris MiketiC, Secretary of the Croatian Radio Club NY

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 I have been proud to have been honored for many years to serve as the speaker and editor of Croatian Radio 'Voice of Free Croatia' program since 2004, and in recent years as a secretary. I inherited the legend of Croatian Radio in New York, Mr. Krunoslav Masina, who remained in memory as an unreasonable fighter for all that is Croatian. It's hard to walk in his shoes, but I do not give up.

I congratulate Croatian Radio, "The Voice of Free Croatia", on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of continuous broadcasting. This is indeed a great anniversary of pride to all Croats in New York and its surroundings, especially to our listeners and volunteers.

Thank you to all those who have been supporting the valuable and worthy Croatian institution that brings together the virtues of Croatian patriots, idealists who did not regret the time and effort of our Radio to survive.

I pay tribute to the pioneers of Croatian Radio: Miro Gal, Ljubica Gal, Ivan Pintar, Ante Barulic, Ante Nosic, Krunoslav Masina, Vinko Kuzina and Nada Ogrebic. They were visionaries as it is hard to find today. From all your heart - THANK YOU.

After the recognition of the Republic of Croatia as an independent state, the role of our Radio has gained even more importance in promoting Croatian language, Croatian cultural heritage and sport and everything that binds us to our homeland. I look forward to broadcasting the Croatian Radio over the internet, which we work tirelessly and which will surely live in the near future.

As Secretary and speaker, I thank everyone for any support for our Croatian radio, and I urge you to teach your children the Croatian language along with our Croatian Radio "Voice of Free Croatia".

With croatian greeting God and Croats!